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  • BED

    BED Furniture 2022 Design & Realisation Photo: Mathias Geoffroy

  • Round Table

    ROUND TABLE Furniture 2022 Design & Realisation Photo: Mathias Geoffroy

  • Guest flat P&J

    GUEST FLAT P&J Renovation2019, BerlinDesign & Realisation70m2Living Room, Kitchen, Stairs, Bedroom, Kids room & Bathroom Photo: Yuko Nakajima


    KATANA STRUCTURE Bouken Holder for Aikido Dojo2015 Berlin Photo: Mathias Geoffroy

  • Bedroom P&J

    BED ROOM P&J Furniture2021, BerlinDesign & Realisation Photo: Yuko Nakajima

  • LP Player

    LP Player 2019 BerlinPhoto: Mathias Geoffroy

  • Guest room P&J Lattice

    GUEST ROOM P&J Lattice Foldable Bedroom 2016, Berlin Design & RealisationPhoto: Yuko Nakajima


    GRAVITAPHON As big as a cupboard, as heavy as a human being, as delicate as a clockwork – the GRAVITAPHON. A new musical instrument. ARTISTIC OVERALL MANAGEMENT Christian Grammel INSTRUMENT Olaf Hochherz PERFORMANCE Natalie Thomas COMPOSITION + PERFORMANCE Sagardía CHOREOGRAPHIC CONSULTING Slava Gepner TECHNICAL CONSULTING + CONSTRUCTION Mathias Geoffroy CAMERA + CUT + Tone Arthur Baum & Oliver Schulz A production of Grammel + Hochherz + Sagardía in coproduction with LOFFT – THE THEATER. Funded by the City of Leipzig, the Cultural Office and the Kunststiftung NRW.

  • The Simple Curse

    THE SHIMPLE CURSE Collaboration and Realisation, 2016 Osaka The sound installation by The Simple Society at Pantaloon gallery. Photography by Yohey Goto

  • Perez

    PEREZ Renovation2016, BerlinDesign & Realisation50m2Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, 2 Guest Rooms Photo: Christian Angl